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A six-month backpacking trip through Africa in the early 1990’s inspired the creation of Buckstone Inc.  Co-owners Jennifer McNutt Bywater and Brent Bywater were blown away by the craftsmanship of the local artisans and decided to purchase a small number of products to bring back and try to resell locally in the North Bay area. They became North Bay’s very first street vendors.

When a scholarship brought her to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, McNutt Bywater journeyed to Bali on a vacation before returning to Canada.  Again, she was captivated by the artistic talents of the locals.  She called her husband to tell him about the wonderful treasures she had found. He encouraged her to buy some of the products to bring home.

“I bought the equivalent of six crates worth of things and I thought that we would have those things for the rest of our lives,” McNutt Bywater recalls laughing.  Once home, Jenn and Brent set up shop as street vendors and at local festivals. All of the product sold and before they knew it, they were ordering more. 

The business grew from ordering 20-foot containers one shipment to 40-foot containers the next.

“We've never looked back.”

Buckstone Inc has since grown from North Bay, Ontario’s first street vendors into a well-known wholesale distribution business. In 2009, we added hot sauce to the distribution line up and then the gourmet food division exploded in all directions including speciality sauces, snack foods, pasta, candy, custom label items, drinks, soups and condiments.  Now the wholesale operation supplies more than 2,000 Canadian stores from Victoria, B.C., to St. John's, NL.

Our suppliers from Indonesia and other countries receive our support and concern for their well being with our strong regard for human rights and the dignity which they deserve.

We are a customer service driven company that serves our community and we encourage our employees and associates to do likewise.  We strive for excellence through our quality products, service, and positive attitude. 

We are always adding new products to our dynamic line up! Looking for distribution? Call our warehouse at 1-877-752-2791 or email us at info@buckstone.caAsk a representative for a complete list of products offered today.



Co-owners Jennifer McNutt Bywater (right) and Brent Bywater (left). 

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